Dewey Decimal System


Parents, remember the Dewey Decimal System when you went to school? It's been around for 131 years so even our grandparents knew about it. But, did you ever really understand it? Well, our very own librarian, Mrs. McGinnis, is making sure this generation of Panther readers DOES understand it. It's really simple and the good part is, once you learn it, you can go into any library, anywhere, and find a book using this system. The system, also known as Dewey Decimal Classification or DDC, was invented by Librarian Melvil Dewey in 1876 and is a system used to classify books by grouping them in 10 categories. Here's the basic classes....

000-099 Computer Science, Information & General Works
100-199 Philosophy & Psychology
200-299 Religion
300-399 Social Sciences
400-499 Language
500-599 Science
600-699 Technology
700-799 Arts & Recreation
800-899 Literature
900-999 History & Geography

Now, Dewey didn't stop there. He kept organizing. These 10 main classes are divided into 10 divisions and each division has 10 sections. By choosing a numerical system, the classifications can go on and on and on....“To Infinity And Beyond!” If you want to learn more, click HERE. The site, “Do We” Really Know Dewey?, was designed by kids, for kids.

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