Safety Patrol

safetyDuties and Responsibilities of Paloma School Safety Patrol Officers

1. Assist other children in crossing streets safely.

2. Become familiar with traffic safety and rules.

3. Obey all school rules. Set a good example for other children, displaying fairness and good
sportsmanship at all times.

4. Take good care of all equipment issued during duty.

5. Arrange my time so that I can fulfill my duty when it is my turn. I need to be at my station at the shift start time. I understand that 3 unexcused tardies will constitute grounds for temporary/permanent dismissal. 

6. Follow the instructions given to me by the Principal, Assistant Principal, or teachers on duty.

7. Obey at all time (without question) the commands or orders of a superior officer of the patrol (Roaming Sergeant).

8. Be courteous and pleasant at all times, so I will be a credit to my school, the city, and the Sheriff’s Department which I represent.

9. Learn what each officer on the Patrol is expected to do, so I can take over any other assignments, if necessary.

10. Let a Safety Patrol Coordinator or Sergeant know when I cannot fulfill my duty, so that a substitute may be secured to fill my position. I understand failure to do so will constitute grounds for temporary/permanent dismissal from Safety Patrol. 

11. Remember that I am not to try to force other children to obey the rules. I will remind them that if they do something they should not, I will report them to the Principal, Assistant Principal, or the closest teacher.

12. I will pass quietly through the halls and maintain good order in the equipment area, or wherever we meet.

13. I will do my very best to fulfill the requirements of my classroom and to keep my schoolwork (C grade or above) and citizenship (S or above) up to the standards of the Paloma Safety Patrol. I understand that any deviation will constitute grounds for temporary/permanent dismissal from the Safety Patrol.

14. I understand that any misconduct or action (i.e.: fighting and or suspensions) that would bring discredit upon the reputation of the Patrol and or my school, if proved after charges have been made, will constitute grounds for my dismissal from the Safety Patrol. 

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