Garden Club

Paloma Garden Club
Overview of Garden Club

If you are interested in helping our garden program, please consider donating:

  • Garden Tools & Supplies - including hoses, rolls of hardware cloth, wheelbarrows, shovels, hand trowels, watering cans, kid and adult gloves and a 20 gallon trash can
  • Plants and Seeds
  • Lumber & Hardware
  • A Storage Shed
  • 3 Stall Compost Bin and a Worm Bin or consider donating the lumber and hardware to build them
  • Cash or gift card donations to purchase such items
  • Your time
  • If you shop at Green Thumb Nursery and provide the PTO with your receipts they will give us a gift card for 10% of all the receipts we submit each month to buy items for our garden.  Receipts can not be more than 2 months old.

If you have questions or would like to help please contact Rebecca Woolley at and you can join our Facebook page at Paloma Elementary Garden Club.

Thank you for your consideration!

Empty wood planters